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This instrumental was first released in 2016.

It’s open,
It’s open,
The market it’s opened,
The lights are on
But there’s nobody home,
A crack in the dome,
Like the collapsing of Rome,
The rise and fall of the don…
Clowns with crowns,
It’s a seizure or dance,
It’s a seizure or dance,
And there were mines under beer cans,
You’re on candid cam!
Still get it?
You still get it?
You always seem to get it…
You never really get it…

When the capitalist model it’s applied to the relationships, every form of personal attachment and feelings disappear. The bond and feelings should be the fundamental constituent as they represent the basic requirement for a good and healthy relationship. Instead, they will be replaced by the basic impersonal requirements of a functional market, which are supplying goods and services in exchange for income and profit,
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That thing…